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Hello! I'm Steve.
I'm an entry-level front-end web developer. I endeavour to develop aesthetically pleasing high-performance websites, and look forward to becoming a full-stack developer in the foreseeable future. Optimistic emoji

How I Became a Web Developer

My love for design started in 2009 on an online MMORPG community forum. I wanted to create one of the cool forum signatures everyone was having for myself, but had no idea where to begin.

Fast-forward 2 weeks and I was still losing sleep over it. I made the big step by finally taking a few online tutorials on "sig-making". That was the first time I discovered the near-euphoric feeling of actually doing something you love.
It gradually became a hobby that I indulged in for the years that followed, and not just in making forum signatures.

Even though graphic design gave me a sense of achievement, I felt a void in my workflow. I like to solve visual problems, essentially through analytical means whenever possible. So far, I wasn't getting enough of that through designing alone (occasionally trying to illustrate on my Wacom tablet, too. Don't judge. I wasn't that great).

Incidentally, I decided to pursue a professional career in design at NIIT in 2014. I had a great job at the pharmacy by then, but most of my time off work was spent poring over design and illustration tutorials. I was good at my job, but it just wasn't for me.

The graphic design course at NIIT came with a Web Development package. I was curious about web development since I had no prior experience with it whatsoever.

Starting the Web Development module was a blessing in disguise. A few lessons and I was hooked! Apparently, it was what I'd been waiting for all along. I got to design, but in a manner that involved building with code, analysing it and fixing bugs. It was perfect for me.

To date, not a day has gone by when I don't meddle and tinker with some code. I am absolutely certain I've found a career path I'm truly passionate about. It's exciting, and with the slew of new technologies springing up everyday to make our work easier, I say it's a great time to be a web developer.